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Elba M. Sepúlveda has a doctor degree in Curriculum and Education with a minor in Leadership and Distance Education, a Master in Science and a Bachelor degree in Theoretical Physics.


She is an experienced teacher in the following areas: Physics, Physics applied to Electronic and Robotics, Computer Science, Physical Sciences, Research, Space and Astronomy focusing her professional practice in mentoring teachers all over the world. She has been a member of the faculty at CROEM, Inter American University, Metropolitan University (UMET), Dewey University and University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez Campus (UPRM); teaching not only to students, but to teachers that want to improve their professional practice. During that time she has been an excellent collaborator and Instructional Specialist for the teaching of science in the elementary, middle and high school level.


Specialized in teach, collaborate and train apprentices in the STEM areas. Develop websites for learning programs. Design online learning materials.

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More of my credentials.

As a science educator I have the primary ideas of the use individualized learning experiences to enhance education. My goal is to have the learners in my class extremely motivated as they can be. Also make my students think about science like a natural life process they can be develop from a simple experience to a complex one. The process require freedom to allow creativity and think out of the box to improve our surroundings.

I am a Physics teacher, which loves what I do, that likes to develop the concepts and ideas to make my apprentices to enjoy and adore what they have learn. Physics is not an easy task but when the student has an exceptional guide learners can accomplish what other think it is impossible. I believe that the impossible can be possible with supported and science based strategies.

Willing to make any training or curriculum development project for educational purposes on K-16 levels. Mentor of some students' organizations to improve curriculum.


Doctor Degree

May 2014

Inter American University San German Campus (UIA)

Education and curriculum development.

Master Degree

May 2009

Inter American University San Germán Campus (UIA)

General Science and education.

Bachellor degree

May 1990

University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez Campus (UPRM)

Theoretical Physics.

Work Experience

Science Instructional Specialist

Nov 2018 - Present

University of Delaware

Coach teachers, NGSS specialist align and develop of curricular materials in science. Instructional Specialist Consultant.

Web Designer

May 2004 - Present

Fisica en Linea Tu Portal Educativo

Web design and development of curricular materials for all. Instructional Specialist Consultant.

CROEM High School

August 1991 - May 2018

Physics Professor

Develop lectures, community activities, talk to parents, fill administration documents, and mentor student’s organizations.

Interamerican University

June 2010 - July 2018

Instructional Specialist

Instruction specialist, lecturer, higher education and workshop facilitator for teachers on levels K‐9. Design educational materials for elementary and middle school teachers.

Metropolitan University (UMET)

January 2012 - December 2017

Research Professor

Develop and design research opportunities for pre- college students. Research mentor and instructional designer. Hybrid course specialist.

Dewey University

January 2015 - May 2015

Physics professor

Design curricular material and teach college students in the pre-engineering program.

Department of Education Online Courses

July 2003 - May 2010

Facilitator, Designer and Professor - Online Instruction

Online science facilitator for teachers and students and curriculum designer. Coach science, math, health and research teachers and administrate department. Design and teach online Physics courses


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Teaching requires art but also dedication. My job as a teacher is to foster critical thinking and problem-solving strategies that will be accompanying the learner for life. Fulfill your dreams. Deep think, dream big and, climb high!

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What Can I Do For You?

Being a teacher has been one of the most rewarding experience in my life. My personal goal for my teaching practice is to ensure my students are motivated and satisfied on what they are learning. Having a LMS brings teaching to a higher level. Please contact me to learn Physics together.


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By using the right strategies based on science while having excitement, wonder and joy it will engage students to bring their exceptional talents to the world. I find students can learn in different ways. Please contact me to continue building our network. I want to know about you.

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